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ConveYours Crowdsourced Delivery concept with point rewarding and social aspect

3.31 (1stemmen)

Dear TransprtLAB community, 

Within our Master course Data-driven Business Innovation we developed our own business idea for Crowdsourced Delivery and we like to share this with you. First of all, we would like to thank TransportLAB and especially Paul Swaak for the cooperation and for providing us with travel and transport data. Second, we would like to mention that the trend of open and shared ideas within Logistics is a great evolvement where everybody can benefit. Finally, we hope that the network will grow over time to make more people aware of the power of the crowd. 

During our course we had to pitch our idea and we used this presentation: Pitch ConveYours. Attached to this blog you can find our report and below there is a short management summary of our idea. 

Keep on moving,


(Julia Mair am Tinkhof, Rianne Oosting, Esmijati, Jesse Ziegerink)

Management summary

ConveYours is a new and innovative company that likes to introduce their new crowd sourced peer-to-peer transportation concept.

The problem: conventional package services are costly and non-sustainable. The society is individualizing and people want to reconnect.

The solution: the concept of peer-to-peer transport aims to offer a sustainable way of transferring packages by using free capacity of people that are travelling anyway. By creating a network, ConveYours connects senders with couriers. To increase the social factor a point system is used so no money is flowing through the network. By taking goods from others, you earn points, so-called Beetles. Beetles can be used for sending goods or are interchangeable for shopping vouchers provided by ConveYours. The point system takes care of rewarding the delivery and the social benefit of the network leads back to the good old days of creating value for society.

The market: 190 million packages are sent in 2014 in the Netherlands with an expected growth of 30% in the coming years. Around 5% of this amount is for private-to-private sending accounting for 9,5 million packages a year. In a weekday more then 80.000 cars leave the city Groningen with an average travelling distance of 40 kilometers. Comparable results are expected at other cities and urban areas within the Netherlands, giving a huge potential in terms of traveling distance and free car space.

Business plan: it expected that the network will grow to 2 million participants in the coming five years. The total expected profit of ConveYours is 2 million over the upcoming eight years. Income is generated by advertisement on the network. The bigger the network the more advertisers are willing to pay for their advertisement.  The growth of the network is essential.

Willing to be part of this exciting new concept and be part of the ConveYours network? Check our thriving business plan (see attachment below), keep on moving and connect! 

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Dear Rianne,

I would like to read your business plan so maybe i can help you forward.

18-apr-16 09:45
0 (0stemmen)

Dear Paul,

You are very welcome to read our business plan. As we already received a grade for the report it is not very important for us to receive feedback on the report. Although I think that it would be nice for other start-ups and intrested people to see where you find strengths and especially weaknesses. The ideas of ConveYours are open for everybody to use. 

21-apr-16 12:59
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