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Hackathon Story #1

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Hackathon Story #1

Organizing an online Hackathon seemed pretty easy some time ago. Ever since we have launched ourselves at a steep learning curve. This blog is to share our experience with you, to let you know what we have done and to let you know whats' still coming.

So far we have communicated via wall posts and individual mailings. Now its time to inform you all via this recurring Hackathon blog chain. 

What have we done so far?

We started in March to form the jury and let them have a say and what the themes and subjects would need to be, from their point of view. Mail turned out not to be the best communication medium. When the jury finally met in person on May 4th, we did have to close quite some gaps.

However from here we ended up in rapids:

  • We teamed up with BeMyApp to reach out to the developers network and do the marketing for this event
  • We had to find additional sponsors to cover these additional costs
  • We had to create and change banners over and over
  • We covered a lot of announcements in our own network and  fortunately also via our sponsors
  • We developed rules
  • We developed the challenges, piece by piece
  • We catered for relevant data sets
  • We developed our Data Shop to house the data sets and to form a catalog or other data portals
  • We changed our community settings to allow pages in front of the Log-in and wished we had done this before :-)
  • We thought of you and the customer journey and know we can still improve here !
  • We listened to first comments and we added polls, we added how teams can work and how the Jury will judge
  • We have published (today) the detailed challenges
  • And we know we still are not there we have to do a lot of work...

But so far we are proud fo the results. We now have over 60 data crunchers and developers, supported by 60 supply chain professionals and we are still counting...

As far as we know this is the first Online Hackathon Logistics in the Netherlands ever organized so we don't have a track record or benchmark. Will you all actively participate? Will we have concrete results? Of course we do hope so but reality is sometimes harsh. In principle it is all up to YOU !

What will we do prior to June 1st?

For the coming week we will:

  • Prepare the Data Sheet: an overview of data sets and portals to be used in the Hackathon (published June 1, 09.00 hrs Adam time)
  • Develop the Challenge Result Form, that should be sued to present the result in an uniform way
  • Explain the procedure how to publish results in the IDEA functionality
  • Further explain how the jury will judge, which criteria will be used
  • Discuss with the jury and prepare a Hackathon Webinar end of June where individuals or teams can have a live pitch to support their case.
  • Discuss whether we will have a physical event at all or not. About 50% of the Hackathon community is not registered in the Netherlands
  • And last bu not least...keep you posted on any changes


Do you have any suggestions or things what are not clear to you?? Just let me know and we will fix it.

You can leave your comments below this blog post or via the chat window or via our support desk.

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