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Portal Status, week 8

Portal Status, week 8

3.82 (1stemmen)

Portal Developments, week 8, 2015


As from this week it is possible to display all external websites on our CMS pages in Iframe format. This means that the external website is displayed in full operational mode and can be used with all features inside our portal

Dutch Language

This week we completed the translation of all 6.000 text lines into Dutch language. As we did this outisde the system you might still encounter some strange text combinations. If so please report them to us so we can correct this immediately. Over time the translation will be improved.

Content   distribution graph

We have added phase 1 of the so called "Content Distribution Graph". Each activity stream page (Nieuwsoverzicht pagina in Dutch language) now shows a graph stating the added content. if you hoover your mouse over the segments it shows how many events, documents etc are in your community. In phase 2 we will add a time-frame selection menu to show the added content in a certain period.

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