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Release 5.2: New Features

Release 5.2: New Features

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New Features / Changes in release 5.2

  • Page Builder: Admins will be able to use this tool to create page layouts. Drag-n-drop supported UI builder to create dynamic Homepage, Space pages and CMS pages.
  • Search enhancements: Search has been rebuilt to now allow sorting by Most relevant, Most viewed, Most recent, Most commented, and Highest rated. Users can filter by date published, choose which space(s) to include, which content type(s) to include, which authors to include and filter by tags.
  • New Badges Feature: Users can recognize other users by granting them badges and users can earn badges by completing custom defined series of actions in your community.
  • Fuzzy search: Search will make an effort to guess what you meant to type, accounting for typos and the like.
  • Version comparison: the version comparison tool previously limited to wikis has been extended to articles, blogs and ideas.
  • Editable publish date: Publish date for articles and blogs can now be edited after publishing to move them around on the most recent articles list or delay again for publishing for a future date.
  • Bookmark cases: Bookmarking functionality was extended to cases.
  • Disable friends functionality: New system properties to disable the friends interface points with optional ability to have the equivalency of everyone as friends (i.e. everyone can see everyone else's personal wall posts).
  • @mentions in content: Now you can @mention people inside the WYSIWYG editor, including inside content.
  • Users CSV: Download a CSV list of users from the manage members page.
  • Icon picker for space tabs: Choose from hundreds of icons for new space tabs
  • Remove likes from daily digest: A new system property was added to allow communities to choose if they want likes to appear in daily digest emails
  • Turn off chat ding: A new system property to turn off the sound made when a new chat comes in, a community-wide setting
  • IsTyping in Chat: Indication when another user in a chat group is typing.
  • Default calendar view: A new system property to determine the default calendar view (month, day, week) for a community
  • Inactive user email: Option turned on through system properties to send an email (from a specific Transportlab user if you like) to users who have registered but not engaged in the community after x number of days
  • Weekly digest email: Users can now choose to receive daily and/or weekly digests. The new weekly digest focus on new content in the spaces instead of activity. There are system properties to set what content types to include and to stylise the detailed output. The weekly digest can also (if specified in system properties) show x number of the most viewed content for the week by content type.
  • Day and time for digest emails: There are system properties to set what day of the week weekly digests go out and time of day daily and weekly digests go out.
  • Role > Space assignment rules: Set rules for assigning users to spaces by role. If the user's role changes their space membership is updated.
  • Default Country: A new system property has been added to allow a default country for new users to be set
  • Active Directory and SAML enhancements: User syncing and login were enhanced for communities tied into Active Directory.
  • Search Result relevancy -  improved relevancy ranking in search. We tweaked the search algorithm.
  • Forms for adding/editing blogs, articles, wiki pages, ideas, events, forums, cases, photos, videos have all been mobile optimized.
  • Chat updates:
    • the entire UI got a refresh with many stylistic updates
    • turn off notification sounds
    • Add a chat as a favorite
    • IsTyping to indicate when others are typing
    • Attachment Uploader is completely overhauled
    • Photos and attachments are styled and formatted 
    • Change the name of a group chat to whatever you want
    • For individual messages you can edit, remove, and quote
  • Template Manager - new feature closely tied with the Page Builder. Allows you to create your own layouts for widgets.
  • System Properties page has been created - this removes all settings from the web.config file, makes it easier to change configuration settings. The Dynamic properties have been combined with the System Properties into one unified interface.
  • Mobile formatting and cleanup throughout most of the site
  • Header - autosuggest search dropdown has been rebuilt with a better layout, making it easier to find what you are looking for in autosuggest.

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