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Welcome on this community platform of Alice. Please join us and start collaborating with us on our road to future sustainable logistics. For any questions or advice turn to:

Onbekende persoon or Onbekende persoon 


Upcoming Events

  • Collaborative Innovation Day: Addressing challenges of e-commerce in City Logistics

    Collaborative Innovation Day: Addressing challenges of e-commerce in City Logistics Wednesday, July 4th, 2018 Growth in e-commerce has led to increasing use of light goods vehicles for parcel deliveries in urban areas as well as a number of new solutions to deal with this growing demand. This is happening in a context in which congestion and emissions are raising in awareness and concern for cities and citizens. ecommerce is also impacting and challenging logistics and retails paradigms. This topic calls for Collaborative Innovation so it can be addressed in a way that is enhancing citizens life as well as contributing to addrress challenges such as congestion and emissions. Collaborative innovation is key to address challenges and opportunities for freight transport and logistics. Following the success and outcomes of previous editions , the objectives of this Collaborative Innovation Day (CIDs) are: Share an overview of the state of play of ecommerce implications on city logistics and related impacts. Share...

  • H2020 Training

    If the company you work for is a newcomer in the H2020 arena or you aim at a more prominent leading role in future projects, this Training is for you! Based on the success of the previous edition and to accommodate the demand, this is an extended two-day course for a reduced group of trainees focussed on: Preparing and submitting proposals to H2020 calls . In this comprehensive training, trainees will be briefed on key aspects of the proposal preparation: Identification of the call, definition of the project concept, identification of the partnership, writing of the technical part of the proposal, budgeting, administrative, financial aspects and submission. The training is based on a real topic and funding opportunity on logistics within the 2019 call Mobility for Growth . A potential project idea will be used to guide the trainees in the process. H2020 Project Management. Trainees will be briefed on key administrative and financial management aspects including rules for participation, eligibility of costs...

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